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Donate to impact journalism and democracy.

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Journalists faced huge obstacles over the last year. An ongoing global pandemic. A chaotic election. A Capitol insurrection. And a growing distrust of information that impacts us all.

Yet journalism - and the journalists who practice it - endures. Communities need journalists now more than ever. We hope you’ll join us in ensuring a free press and its place in a healthy democracy continue to endure.

Your tax-deductible donation allows the National Press Club Journalism Institute to provide craft, career and community support to thousands of journalists in the United States and around the globe.

As journalists’ needs continue to evolve, so do the Institute’s efforts to support them:

  • Offering timely, relevant educational programming through an all-digital format. This year, the Institute has focused its programming on writing and editing, diversity and inclusion, press freedom, and career growth.
  • Working to remove barriers to press freedom and providing direct support for journalists who are unjustly targeted for their work through our dozens of statements of support and amicus briefs, as well as a letter-writing campaign to members of Congress.
  • Publishing a daily, industry-focused newsletter that provides a curated list of news-related headlines, best practices, leadership advice and resources. It reaches more than 2,300 readers in all 50 states, in newsrooms, agencies and classrooms large and small.
  • Facilitating dynamic community groups that allow for the free exchange of skills and ideas. Members of the writing group consistently say the sense of community they’ve gained – along with writing prompts that challenge them to grow their skills – is what brings them back.

The Journalism Institute has waived most fees for program attendees, removing financial barriers and saving tens of thousands of dollars to individuals attending Institute training and discussions.